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By Serhiy Zhadan

2018 | Yale University Press (external site)
Copy Available: Yes

Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN: 978-0-300-22335-4 (paper)

Prose Translated from the Ukrainian by Reilly Costigan-Humes and Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler; Poetry Translated from the Ukrainian by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps.

This captivating book is Serhiy Zhadan’s ode to Kharkiv, the traditionally Russian-speaking city in Eastern Ukraine where he makes his home. A leader among Ukrainian post-independence authors, Zhadan employs both prose and poetry to address the disillusionment, complications, and complexities that have marked Ukrainian life in the decades following the Soviet Union’s collapse. His novel provides an extraordinary depiction of the lives of working-class Ukrainians struggling against an implacable fate: the road forward seems blocked at every turn by demagogic forces and remnants of the Russian past. Zhadan’s nine interconnected stories and accompanying poems are set in a city both representative and unusual, and his characters are simultaneously familiar and strange. Following a kind of magical-realist logic, his stories expose the grit and burden of stalled lives, the universal desire for intimacy, and a wistful realization of the off-kilter and even perverse nature of love.