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Borders, Bombs, and...Two Right Shoes: World War II through the Eyes of a Ukrainian Child Refugee Survivor

By Larissa M. L. Zaleska Onyshkevych

2016 | self-published
Copy Available: Yes

Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-0-69-274654-7 (paper)

This book describes the author’s experiences during WWII, while still living in Ukraine, and then as a refugee in Slovakia, Austria, and Germany: daily life influenced by dictatorial regimes, interrogations by the Soviets and the Nazis, arrests and threats of executions, a Nazi internment camp, and postwar threats of repatriation. Included is also a detailed description of life in DP camps and how they affected students psychologically, academically, and later professionally. There are 30 pages of Notes with historical background related to the depicted events, as well as descriptions (by the author’s friends) of similar experiences as her own.

The book includes 5 maps, 78 photographs and documents, two timelines (historical events and the family’s odyssey), a glossary, and an index of names. A story of the ninth century Svitovyd statue is provided, on the backdrop of events in the Zbruch River area, which served as part of a borderline between two powers, splitting Ukraine (1793-1939).